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Zmagovalec mojega Twitter challenga Tweetdeck je danes dobil update in tako postal še boljši.

Spisek posodobitev:

Version 0.20 beta - 17/11/2008 (more info)

* - Added patches 0.19.1, 2 & 3 fixes
* - Added API rate limit info added to top right
* - Added no notifications for your own tweets
* - Added pulling maximum number of tweets on each call
* - Added user added to friend list when followed
* - Added user removed from friend list when followed
* - Added user added to friend list when profile viewed and already followed (and not present in DB)
* - Added Persian character fix
* - Added "clear read tweets" button to column function
* - Added deduping methods for each column type
* - Added control logic on adding columns - can't have multiples of same content
* - Added unread tweets counter to each column
* - Added "in reply to" link to appropriate tweets
* - Added mark as read in one column now marks same tweet as read across all columns
* - Added deleting your own tweet & deleting a DM now actually deletes from twitter
* - Added your sent tweet immediately added to All Tweets column - live updating
* - Added column specific filter bar for tweet text, username, source & timeframe, both include & exclude
* - Added url shortening service
* - Added clicking on notification window will close it immediately
* - Added favorites column
* - Added an "add to group" button implemented in certain tweets & profile panel
* - Updated advanced support - except "near:", error with API
* - Removed local search
* - Fixed user avatar not showing or updating
* - Fixed display problem with < symbol
* - Fixed bugs with enter key showing new line & sending tweet when tweet panel not in focus

Več tukaj.

Lp, M I'm reading: Tweetdeck 0.20 updateTwitni tole!

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