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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. " Steve Jobs

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Apple iPhoto '09
Of all the applications included with the upcoming iLife '09 multimedia suite, the updated iPhoto '09 looks the strongest. Več.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center
Using Cisco's WebEx technology, businesses can share documents, make presentations, and collaborate with employees—or customers—around the world. Več.

Cultured Code Things for Mac 1.0
Everyone has things to do, and that's why there's Things, a new task management program from Cultured Code. Več. Probavam sam, javim kako je.

Ecamm Network BT-1 Bluetooth Web Cam
Although all MacBooks and iMacs have built-in iSight Web cameras, they’re in a fixed position, and Apple doesn’t sell standalone iSights anymore. Več.

FileMaker Pro 10
When you've been around for as long as the Mac, it's hard to keep things fresh. But FileMaker looks to have succeeded with the latest version of its flagship database application. Več.

HP MediaSmart Server

It gives you one place to store all your family's shared libraries of photos, music, and video, and provide a backup drive for every computer in the house. Več.

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen
Livescribe's Pulse Smartpen gives you the ability to record sound and synchronize the audio with your written notes, giving context to your handwriting. Več.

Marketcircle Daylight touch
Daylite touch essentially lets you do all of the things you'd expect to do—book meetings, delegate tasks, track appointments, manage a calendar, and keep tabs on all your projects. Več.

Sling Media SlingPlayer for iPhone
SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone, an iPhone app that lets Slingbox owners control their home DVRs and watch streaming content from their TVs. Več.

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